The Road to Ramadan

The Road to Ramadan

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Name of the book The road to Ramadan
Author Muhammad Haikal
Publisher Collins st Tames Palace
Price 3 Pounds.

Book review

1. This book was introduced after 1973 war between Egypt and Isreal. The war took place in Oct and this book was written after the end of war in 1975, so the author has tried to narate the actual fact which occured during that war. The author has also tried to explain the facts from Egyption side only, but the picture painted by him seems to be impartial and it includes all the Arab Countries.

2. Apart from any temporary gains or lossess there have been in Oct war the "Ramadan war" its out cover caste a shodow ahead on the potential, but fail to exploit it properly. The Israelis has been faced with their fundamental weakness, but turned away from it in honour and tried to pretend that did not exist. The out side world concentrated its efforts on parching over the crisis rather than on attempting to get to the root of it. The only conclusion could be drawn after reading the book can be that another was was invitable.

3. The book contains 285 meat fine pages. The picture of that time made the book interesting, but out look of the book is fine and attrective one.

4. The book is not that much interesting, but it is full of war knowledge and especialyfor young officers it can prove to be the assence of training.

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