The Robustness of Amazon's Capabilities

The Robustness of Amazon's Capabilities

Modifying the

The robustness of Amazon’s capabilities:

Complexity factors

“Developing innovation Product and service”
Customers are still position Amazon as Amazon “bookstore” due to their large sources of books but facing to the illustrious competitive market nowadays, Amazon now become more innovation that focuses on expanding their private-label business such as Pinzon, Denali, Pike Street, Strathwood … that their furniture products can only purchase in Amazon and implementing the partnership strategic to selling diversity products include Amazon Diamond, and expands mobile/iPhone capabilities. On the other hand, Amazon provide the potential market opportunities for new products such as launching own services such as Amazon E-store, Amazon mechanical Turk,, Amazon Prime membership shipping programs, online coupon, online reading, and near future Amazon may launch its own product lines such as Amazon computer, Amazon books, Amazon entertainment products… Therefore, enhance the innovation capabilities combine with network positioning create a big competitive advantage for Amazon to broaden their business more successful in the future, which motivate and maintain the visiting and shopping rate of customers and netizens (net-people)

“Customer relationship building”
Beside, thanks to the advances in Internet technology in the passed few years that customers only contact with sellers or retailers through email, yahoo or Skype but Amazon was able to successfully break this barrier to create the "Amazon Connect” and “Online Chat”’s ideal, which it is not only narrow down the distance between the bookstore with the customers but also allow readers to have expression space and providing readers an interactive interface with writers and Amazon, which help Amazon can receive the opinion & feedback to built the online relationship with customers and collect their information and shopping taste, which appropriate the Amazon’s strategic...

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