The Role of Dionysus

The Role of Dionysus

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As I assume the role of Dionysus, I assume the role of the god of wine, intoxication and festival. With the world today as it is, so many of my aspects are taken into everyday life. Every continent on the face of the Earth has at least 1 country that produces wine, which pleases me greatly. The quality of this wine has become so decedent and superb, even the wines of ancient Greece pale in comparison. Festivals, parties and other celebrations have become even more common place then in ancient Greece, seeming that modern society finds almost any reason to hold a celebration. With the great quality of wine and commonality of festivities, along with the production of drugs such as ecstasy, LSD, cocaine and the habitual use of marijuana, intoxication is at an all time high. All these aspects make these times a very eventful and busy time for me as the god of the vine, festival and intoxication.

Wine is one of the greatest things that I am known for. As I mentioned before, every continent has at least 1 country that produces wine. Now, wine has been around longer than the human race. It has been used in many, many applications; from celebrations to dinners, sacrifices to rites. The process of making wine has changed dramatically over the course of history, but the idea has not changed. Wine has always been made by smashing or squishing grapes to harvest their juice, then fermenting the sugars in this juice to create wines.

In modern days, wine is no longer just a simple beverage. This simple beverage has been broken down into sparkling wines, table wines, white wines, red wines, blushes, fortified wines, cooking wines, and dozens of others. While all these categories are different in their end product, they all have something in common, they all start out as grapes, and their juice starts off white.

White wines, simply put, fermented grape juice with very little modification. Reds are made by adding the pulp of the grape back into the...

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