The Role of Preschool Education

The Role of Preschool Education

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Throughout this century the role of preschool education has significantly changed, and the majority of people all over the world

believe that these changes are for the better. The preschool education is a highly debated issue among its proponents and

opponents: specially those who hold that every child should be sent to kindergarten and our government, who claims for closing all

the kindergartens in order to save their expenses. Personally, I think that this issue is a very important one, as preschool

education is very helpful in the full development of the child as a social being and his all-round personality.
Firstly, the development in the early ages enriches the horizon and the outlook of a child, which would be very useful in creating

a productive human being in the society. Secondly, it gives more chances for developing his mental and physical potential.

Furthermore, not all the parents have the means and time as needed for educating and training their children in the formative

years. Recently the research has also very clearly shown, that children are more likely to develop fully in the age of 3-5 years,

than in the school age of 6-10 years, and those who have attended preschool are more broadly educated and socialized, as all their

skills are opened already and to some extent well-developed. As a result the kids attending kindergartens are expected to know

different skills and to experience numerous vital tasks and situations, which their future studies and their existence, in general,

will demand.
Additionally, It is a well-known fact that preschool establishments help to expand social skills skills. Moreover, preschool

education teaches children how to behave themselves in a group and the society; that is how to become civilized human beings. To

start with, it is necessary to point out the fact, that if the child goes to the kindergarten it will be be of great help for him

in the future process...

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