The Role of a Teacher 3

The Role of a Teacher 3

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What are the roles and responsibility of the teacher.

In this assignment I will discuss the role, responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher set against the five stages of the teaching training cycle

The teachers role involves:

Facilitating meaningful communication. This can be achieved by a host of things including employing questioning techniques such as Socratic questioning to draw answers out of learners.

The teacher should ensure that lesson aims and objectives are relevant to both learners and the learning programme. They must provide learners with achievable targets.

When planning lessons the teacher should consider different learning styles and cater for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners. The teacher should also take into account what motivates the learners and use this information to make the course more relevant and rewarding for the learners.

The teacher should ensure that they create a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning. In order to do this health and safety of the learners should be considered. Lighting, noise, temperature are all physical factors which need to be looked at to produce an environment which facilitates learning. Learners should also feel that they have a safe place to discuss their ideas where there is mutual trust and respect.

Carl Rogers, suggested there are three core teacher characteristics that help to create an effective learning environment. These are respect, empathy and authenticity. When a teacher has these three qualities, the relationships within the classroom are like to be stronger and deeper, and communications between people much more open and honest. The educational climate becomes positive, forward looking and supportive. (Scrivener)

The teacher must also keep and maintain records such as registers, course files and ILP’s. This data should be used to inform planning and evaluation.

The responsibilities of a teacher include:

Reassessing development...

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