The runaway

The runaway

The runaway

They get on a bus and the family calls the police and they start searching for them. The teenagers decided to run away and start a new life somewhere else together because no one wants them to be together.

It all started in 1st year when they met each other and they became best friend. A year went by then the boy got the courage to ask her out which she said yes to. They loved each other so much that they stopped talking to their freinds which their freinds didn't appreciate so they didn't want them to be together as it had destroyed their freindship. A few of the boys freinds asked if he wanted to come and play football anytime that week which the boy would usually do as he went to play football at least 3 times a week before being in a relationship but now he said no to playing football now. The girls freinds were jealous of her but started making fun of her but the girls were also a bit sad that the girl had no time at all for her freinds.

However the bus broke down but it wasn't far away from the next stop so the boy suggested walking which they both chose to do. About 5 min after they started walking they spotted a car tipped over down a ditch so they went to go and see if their was anyone still in it. Their was a lady in it surprisingly hardly injured so they helped her out and walk her to her house.

The lady asked if they would like to stay which they couldn't say no to as they had hardly any money. The best day the woman asked them what they were doing walking out in the middle of no where. They replied by telling her they were travellers travelling across the country and that their bus had broke down.

The lady was so thankful that they helped her that she even offered them money which they took. They then got on a bus to the next town and they found an abandoned building on the outskirts of the town and they decided to stay there for a while.

They went to the shop and on the way they went past a pub with the local news...

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