The Scenario in the Field of Study

The Scenario in the Field of Study

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1 The challenge
1.1 The Scenario in The field of Study

Universities prepare people for professional careers. This enables individuals to participate with greater understanding in community affairs.
The challenges facing BSc IT students, is that most of the students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and schools do not get exposed to computers at basic levels. When they reach university level, they need to adapt to complex modules which require a use of a computer. Lack of knowledge of basic programs such as Excel and Microsoft word becomes a problem and they fail to adapt to these in a short space of time.
This becomes a huge problem when they have to learn the developer programs such as Java and C#, which require basic understanding of how a computer functions. The circumstances of this is that students end up failing modules unintentionally. The university does not provide basic short courses on learning computer basics which can help the computer illiterate students to better understand the basics of a computer. The end result becomes drastic as students fail to continue with their desire to become graduates in BSC faculty and end up changing courses.
Over the past few years there has been a major drop out in the number of students doing information technology, not only in the North-West University, but all over the country. With this major drop, many students end up taking course which do not require use of a computer. This is a phenomenal problem for the faculty because a small number of students graduate. The school end up producing a few number of BSc graduates.

1.2 Tentative problem statement
Problem Statement
“I what way might students be given exposure to a basic computer, in a way that better gives an idea, to cultivating learning and ensure 0 % tolerance of drop outs.”

Tentative problem Statement
List of problems:
• Computer illiteracy
• Lack of basic programs such as Microsoft and Excel
• Student drop...

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