The Search for Alternative Energy

The Search for Alternative Energy

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As the technology grew up, need of cheap and much energy increased rapidly. Energy sources such as fossil fuels and coal are limited so this situation lead scientist and government to search for alternative energy is the most argued issue. Although government support the nuclear power station because of cheap installation, consequences of nuclear power which related to human health and nature show acceptable reasons for establishing environmental friendly plants instead of nuclear plants.

There are some alternative energy sources. Wind, solar, and wave energy are some logical options. Even if wind tribunes were first introduced they were expensive, over the years wind energy is competitive with or more economical than nuclear energy. In addition there is another advantage of using them: the ground on which the tribunes are positioned can still be used for agricultural purposes. Another option is solar energy. Its cost is coming down rapidly and its instruments are easy to install on top of houses. Waves are another source to capture the energy. If pipes and dams are built right place, cheaper and environmentally friendly energy can be created.

Some people support nuclear power as an alternative energy. Inspite of being cheap to install, nuclear power should not be used for several reasons such as its effects on environment, not safe to use and the performance of reactors are unstable. All nuclear reactors produce nuclear wastes many of which are radioactive and some of the wastes do not lose their activity for 25000 years. Exploisions and radioactive leaks can lead to illness many years later.

It is clear that human and nature are much more important than producing energy so the world needs a plan to free itself from fossil fuels and nuclear. The logical answer for alternative energy is in nature : wind ,solar ,wave...

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