The Seller's Four Ps

The Seller's Four Ps


The sellers' four Ps correspond to the customers' four Cs as shown above.

* 9. Elements / Ingredients of Marketing Mix

1. Product: Product is the article which a manufacturer desires to sell in the open market. It is the first element in the marketing mix. The product mix includes the following variables.
a. Product line and range,
b. Style, shape, design, colour, quality and other physical features of a product,
c. Packaging and labeling of a product,
d. Branding and trade mark given to the product,
e. Product innovation, and
f. Product servicing.

Managing product component involves product planning and development. Here, the decisions are required to be taken regarding product range, branding, packaging, labeling and other features of the product. The product manufactured for market should be as per the needs and expectations of consumers.

Product is the most powerful competing instrument in the hands of the marketing manager. It is the heart of whole marketing mix. If the product is not sound /attractive to the customers, no amount of sales promotion, appropriate channel selection or price reduction will help to achieve the marketing target. Hence, durability, quality, uses, etc. of the product are important from the marketing point of view.

Various Aspects of Product Decisions in Marketing: In the marketing process, various decisions regarding the product are required to be taken. Marketing will be easy and quick if the decisions taken on various aspects of a product are appropriate. AU such decisions need to be taken by the marketing division of the Organisation. Such decisions should be based on current marketing environment, nature of market competition, consumer expectations, information available through marketing research and so on. Cooperation of other departments is also necessary in marketing decision-making.

Production or product is rightly treated as the heart of...

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