The Sense of Evil

The Sense of Evil

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Lord of The Flies Essay

The Lord Of The Flies is a story about some kids who get stuck on an island. In the very

beginning of the story they try to establish leaders. Then after a while they break the groups into

two. With Jack’s group being the more evil than Ralph’s. Some start to go crazy others not so

much they even murder. They all struggle with there sense of evil that is hidden inside of them.

Most let it control them others have a better grip on things. Jacks group was not able to control it.

Ralph did not really go crazy he just wanted to be rescued. Which they were like he said in the

beginning of the story but nobody believed him.

In stories or novels etc., writers use thousands of literary devices to get their point out.

Just as William Golding did in his novel. He used some wonderful literary devices in his story

Lord Of The Flies. He did so to show if man is evil or if man is really good. Even though

William Golding used a lot of literary devices he had a couple that are the best. He used

foreshadowing, Conflict, and symbolism to show his view point on mankind.

Golding does a great job of showing foreshadowing in his book The Lord Of The Flies.

As one can see “That little ‘un that had a mark on his face where is he now.” (Golding 46). This

is just after they started the fire we are supposed to think that they left him behind and he got

caught up in the fire and died. It wrote in the book that beneath them on the unfriendly, side of

the mountain the drum role continued. We are to believe that the little kid died, it foreshadowed

his death. This was the fist death but it was not the last.

Golding does a wonderful job of showing conflict in the story. In the very beginning

there is signs of trouble like When they first get on the island and they group together they want

to decide on a leader as shown on “I ought to be chief.” (22) Said Jack. This is when they first...

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