The Shuttle System of Transport – a Relief to Students.

The Shuttle System of Transport – a Relief to Students.

The Shuttle System of Transport – a relief to students.

“I came to this university through the policy of the less endowed. My parents had to struggle through thick and thin to obtain a loan for my transport to Accra. But for the shuttle system which I find reliable and affordable, I would have been shattering the record of Kak Dee, the Ghanaian walker on daily basis, walking throughout the length and breadth of the university for lectures”. Angelina Badu, a level 300 student, when asked about her views on the shuttle system of transport at the university, had this to say.

The President of the Ghana Union of Students, (NUGS), John Mark Bekoe, told the Sandwich that the introduction of the shuttle system of transport which was started in 2004 has come as a big relief to students. “The previous situation where transportation problems undermined academic work is no longer the case. What is even more refreshing is the fact that commercial drivers whose fares are exorbitant have reduced considerably”, an elated president disclosed.

The Principal Transport Officer of the university, Michael Kwashie Blagogee, explaining the rationale behind the introduction of the shuttle system of transport to the Sandwich, said that, following the introduction of the in-out-in policy initiated by the university, authorities, accommodation situation became compounded. This, he said, forced most of the over 27,000 student population to seek accommodation off-campus into private hostels.
The shuttle system of transport operates with two buses in and out of the campus of the university. The buses which start at 6:00am, pick students from their halls of residence to the lecture halls and close at 6:00pm. It has a flat rate of 10 Ghana pesewas as fare from every designated terminal to any location within the university.

Speaking to the Sandwich, a level 400 Planning Committee member of the National Union of Ghana students, said that, in spite of the relief that the shuttle...

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