The six basic American values

The six basic American values

The six basic American values

America today is mainly build up around six basic values, these values is described below.
The first one is freedom for everybody (individual freedom) means that everybody is alowed to say, write and belive what they want.

Selfreliance is the second one, by this they basicaly mean that their destiny is in their own hands, and you get what you achive.

The third and fourth is equality of opportunity and competition, by wich the americans mean that everybody gets the same chance to enter the race for succes and end up suceding.
But if you want to suceed you have to compeed with everybody else, and be one of the best.
If this should be realistic everybody should be equal and it isnt like that there are poor and rich and their possebilities in the copetition to suceed is`nt the same.

Material wealth is very important to the americans because it is through posetions Amaricans measure their succes.
This means everything turns into a big competition to have the biggest and best car,house, boat and furniture and so on.
In other contries this would be called materialism, but an american would take that as an insult.
But Material wealth is the fifth value.

Hard work is the sixth value of the americans, it is through hard work they obtain their material wealth and then in americans eyes are succesfull.
In the werry beginnig it took hard work to get rich in America because the contries wealth was natural resources and to obtain theese man would have to work hard.

If theese values are god or bad can be discused, I think there is both god and bad in them. I think it is great to teach children that if you want something you will have to work to get it. The thing with materialism i dont like, you can be atlest just as succesful without having the biggest car, and you may even be a better person.

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