The Soldier

The Soldier

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Name: Krunal Shah
Author: Rupert Brooke
Poem: The Soldier

The poem, “The soldier”, gives you an idea about how much someone can love something and what they think is most significant about it. A man, who stands up for his country and is willing to give his life for it, is one with a dedicated & patriotic soul. His poem basically tells the reader almost every detail there is of England. It shows how the man knows every little detail of his country and how England is comparative with Heaven. Rupert Brooke’s poem, “The Soldier,” expresses the love a man has for his country and what the audience should think of him if he were to die for his country.

First, the poet showed how the man in the poem conveyed his love for the country. “What Brooke, rather naively, seems to think the fighting is about is the preservation of the English way of life.” said Bruce Meyer, director of the creative writing program at the University of Toronto. Throughout the poem, he vividly illustrates England in every way possible. This love, in the poem is shown not in a specific part in the poem, but as a generalization of the poem as a whole. He says how in England, there is no such thing as evil, everything is so perfect there and peaceful.

Second, Brooke also tells the audience what they should think of him, the man in the poem. “Brooke’s poem is an idealized love poem to his country, a sonnet that discourses almost as if in the same vein as Thomas Gray on the nature of death, sacrifice, and national moral values.” said by Bruce Meyer, once again. The man said to think of him as a pure person, because he stated that in his heart, all evil shed away. He also mentions, if he dies, the public should realize he has died for an honorable cause.

Rubert Brookes "The Soldier" portrays Brooke’s patriotic ideas for his country. Brooke writes about a man who is willing to give up his own life for his country and how his country is perfect, and also how he has no evil...

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