The Solution to Enhance Business Success

The Solution to Enhance Business Success

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Problem Solution: TeraTech
University of Phoenix
MBA570: Sustainable Customer Relationships
February 23, 2009

Problem Solution: TeraTech
For five years, TeraTech has been using the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions provider for the pharmaceutical industry. Using CRM is a new process for TeraTech which is trying to find new ways of using the solution to enhance their business success. Many companies use CRM to provide complete customer service to be as successful as possible, TeraTech is looking at using CRM in a completely new different way along with providing customer service. “Customer Relationship Management is the establishment, development, maintenance and optimization of long-term mutually valuable relationships between consumers and organizations.” (, 2009).
TeraTech is looking for opportunities to spur growth which will lead the company into a leader within the pharmaceutical industry. The company has been successful in providing operational CRM tools to pharmaceutical companies, but it has proposed a new product that would combine TeraTech’s CRM expertise with analytics and modeling. The results would allow pharmaceutical companies to maximize the value of their data and refine their marketing efforts for maximum effectiveness. This paper will attempt to identify the challenges and opportunities that exist for TeraTech and how the company will address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities for the company to understand fully and use CRM to their advantage.

Issue and Opportunity Identification
With CRM being a new process to TeraTech, one of the issues that the company faces is how to fully use the solution and make it work for the company. Implementing a CRM product will not only bring about change but for the employees it will give them a sense of fear of the unknown. People do not like change and with the upper management not on the...

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