The spindle on thermal effects on oil press equipment production

The spindle on thermal effects on oil press equipment production

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The spindle on thermal effects on oil press equipment production:

Oil press equipment main shaft concentricity can accurately, under normal circumstances people don't pay attention to concentricity, spindle high concentricity tendency is easy to form bearing heating.

In addition I company production of centrifugal filter oil machine is according to the proportion of solid particles in oil liquid is different in high speed rotating centrifugal force effect of suspended solids by outgoing, solid separation, enrichment and purification equipment.vacuum filter (
) oil machine is belong to high speed filtration equipment, high speed needs to use good bearing, high quality authentic bearing can ensure the long-term normal operation of oil filter oil machine, using life for more than 10 years.

To pay attention to adhere to the machinery lubrication, choose high quality high temperature lithium base grease, lithium base grease quality is also another major reason for bearing heating.In addition to your careful examination, assume is mechanical friction will be accompanied by noise, mechanical parts wear you said would be seen bearing loose, it should be bearing appear problem, need to change the bearing.Advice with authentic imported bearings.

May be due to overload or overload, it is possible that now problems such as the cooling fan, and may be due to the heat generated by the mechanical friction, but the main problem is the palm oil refinery plant ( bearing can be authentic, some users in order to lower prices and buy cheap bearings, bearings are produced by hot, hot, so that the present bearing burning phenomenon and so on.So first emphasize good oil press equipment to buy authentic (imports) bearing.

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