The Stain

The Stain

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1. strofa
2. musica
3. breathe

I. We often form our opinion bout objects and people on the basis of superficial impression. One should always try to find out the true nature of things,the true colors of them. We should try to find out the reality hidden behind their glittering facade. A book with a beautiful cover has no guarantee of its being interesting.

II. Firstly, Love for glamour is deeply embedded in human nature. Taking advantage of this inherent vulnerability of man to glamour, cash rich companies rope in glamorous film and sports personalities to advertise their goods and services.
Soap and tooth paste used by charming actresses and dashing sportsmen sell like hot cakes. Companies' sales are boosted and consumers, particularly those of the lower middle classes, forego many necessities of life to have a taste of goodies recommended by their favourite stars.
Folk tales the world over are replete with stories of princesses lured away from their gardens by evil spirits in the guise of fairies. The brave and the earnest princes pursue these witches through all sorts of hardships and trials, put their lives at grave risks and ultimately succeed in killing the evil ones and restore the princesses to freedom. These stories forcefully bring home to us the truth contained in the adage 'All that glitters is not gold'.
One would expect that our reading of such stories would make us wise and prevent us from falling prey to temptations of outward beauty. But man, weak as he is, never learns from others' experience. He often courts disaster by giving into temptations.
We are repeatedly warned and alerted by the wise and the experienced not to take persons and things on their face value. The most innocent masks may hide be¬hind them the most cunning of cheats. But very often even the wise fall prey to trick¬sters.

III. secondly, Judging someone as you see them is like saying you know everything and your right no matter what. But in reality that’s not the way it...

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