The Stimulus Bill

The Stimulus Bill

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Fatih Dag

Stimulus Bill
Capitalism is correctly called the free market. It means civilians (as opposed to government) own property. The main alternative of the Capitalism is socialism, which means the government owns factories and resources and therefore controls what products are made and so on. The word capitalism was actual invented by Karl Marx, the founder of communism (a cousin of socialism. The United States is the biggest Capitalist country. The United States is a democratic country also. There is a representative democracy in The United States. A country which has capitalism, and representative democracy has a economic crisis. There are some questions need to get answers. If the country has Capitalist system, and Democracy why there is a crisis? There is unfortunately an economic crisis in this country, and American government trying to solve it with stimulus package. I think that stimulus package is the best way to solve this economic crisis because it is a requirement of the capitalism and representative democracy, and it is one of the easiest ways.

Representative Democracy is a system where the people elect candidates to represent them in government, usually for a limited time. This is the form that most modern democratic governments take. Direct Democracy is where people are called on to serve in government and is similar to the jury duty system. It was the original form of democracy in Ancient Greece. I think that there is a strong relation between stimulus package, and representative democracy because of the bases of the representative democracy. “A nation can either be free or equal, but cannot be both.” This sentence is a big discussion topic in Democracy. Stimulus package targets people who are rich. This country is a free country, but not equal. There will be a big profit to rich people with stimulus package. If they have chance to improve their companies, they will have more people to work, and naturally, unemployment will...

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