The Story of My Life

The Story of My Life

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Programming Investigation Phase
What are The importance of programming?
How is it beneficial for the community?
How does programming function?
What are the examples that program the software?
What areas is programming used?

How is the automate programming important to life?
Well The programming is important in life as it makes things so much easier to do and saves a lot of time and work. It is a new technology that has been created for us to use inorder to have less complications and be well organized. It is there for accounting ranging from simple to more complex ones.This is an advantage for life as we don’t get to stress about solving each and every problem and it also is a spreadsheet that absorbs data.
How is automate programming important for the environment?
Well I would say as this new technology is there we don’t get to waste paper recording all the incomes and data by printing copies as we can have a softcopy saved in the computer and this can mean more safety precautions are there then if it was in the paper.
How is the automate programming important for the society?

Well the problem in life is that we want things to go much faster clearer and more logic. We need something like an automate that when we just program it, it can show us what we want and even after having been shown what we want we can still see exactly how it falls by plotting it all in a graph of your own choice.

Well as I have mentioned above the programming allows us to clearly see the stocks and all sorts of things we could use in an everyday basis, it records calculations and also helps solve them easily by just programming it what to do. This helps the society to quickly grasp on what your doing and also is less work.As for the labour auditing people who go around big companies in search for sweatshops and child labour, they have to see a set of data which is saved in the spreadsheets that indicate the time amount and hours spent in work for...

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