The Strongest Man Ever Living

The Strongest Man Ever Living

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Beowulf which was written by a group Anglo-Saxon people. In their famous tale of the great hero Beowulf, who in the poem is the great warrior and an aid to the Danes. Beowulf is known for his bravery, strength, and religion. In the other epic poem Iliad is the work of a Greek poet named Homer. In the poem there is a conflict between Greeks and Troys. Achillies is also known as a good warrior, super strength

Beowulf is a hero he is the strongest man ever living. He has the best reputation and people respect him highly. For example, when Beowulf had killed Grendel everyone praised him. In line 380 “And over and over they swore that nowhere on earth or under the spreading sky or between the seas, neither south nor north, was there a warrior worthier to rule over man. (But no one meant Beowulf’s praise to belittle Horothgar, their kind and gracious King!)”

Achillies in the Iliad is super strong and has a close relationship with the gods; he has all the marks of a great warrior and has proven to be the mightiest man in the Achanean army, but his character flaws constantly. He has a lot of pride within himself.

Beowulf has the traits of a perfect hero. Beowulf is a great warrior, characterized by his feats of strength and courage.
The comparison between "The Iliad" and "Beowulf" falls along the lines of a comparison of one myth to another. They both are great examples of Epic poems. They are written in the same general fashion of an Epic poem. Beowulf is a poem about Prince Bewulf, a great warrior. He very much resembles the one and only Achilles. n mythology and legend, a man, often of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength and celebrated for his bold exploits, is thought of as a hero. Beowulf and Achilles are both renowned epic heroes who encompass all those traits. Although they share the qualities of great heroes, there are some discrepancies in the characteristics they possess and the way the hold themselves in all aspects...

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