The Structural and Performance of High Efficiency Crusher

The Structural and Performance of High Efficiency Crusher

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High efficiency fine crusher is also called high efficiency fine impact crusher which is a kind of impact crusher in fact. It improves the fineness of discharging granularity by improving the rotation speed and equipping the grid section device. Then what’s the unique advantages for high efficiency fine crusher in structure and performance?

This kind of high efficiency fine crusher has very wide application and its performance has reached to the international advanced level. Therefore, it is the most efficient, practical and reliable crushing equipment in current situation, especially for the fine crushing and medium crushing of many kinds of hard and brittle materials like grinding materials, fireproof materials, cement, quartz sand, steel grit, concrete aggregate and copper ore, etc. This type of fine crusher can save 50% energy compared with the traditional fine crusher, it is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving sand making machine which is also the most advanced fine crushing equipment in the world.

The main characteristics of the high efficiency fine crusher produced by Fote:

1.The discharging granularity of the high efficiency fine crusher can be adjusted randomly according to the practical needs.

2.The sieve plate adopts unique spring concession structure which is reasonable, convenient and reliable.

3.The high efficiency fine crusher adopts the elastic constant force adjustment which makes the crushing constant force invariant.

4.The machine adopts special high alloy hammer which can be used in four sides so as to reduce the abrasion and prolong the service life. Then it has low waste and high application ratio.

5.Compared with hammer crusher and impact crusher, only the rotor on the high efficiency fine crusher may abrade and the wheel core and hammer carrier will not be abraded.

6.The high efficiency fine crusher has long service life and it is easier to adjust and the safety performance is higher.
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