The Struggles of a Seventeen Year Old Girl

The Struggles of a Seventeen Year Old Girl

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Have you ever thought what life would be like as a seventeen year old girl? Now add the struggles of not only school, but also family and friends. This book is about a teenage girl that is having to deal with old boyfriends and her first love. While her first love is gone for the summer they both try to find people to fill the voids in their lives. Through these new relationships come new learning experiences, some ultimately being bad.

The main character’s name is Darcy. She is struggling with her father alcoholism. His alcoholism has created many problems for the famil. This problem caused him to abandon Darcy and her family. Her mother let him back into their lives but doesn’t trust him. Throughout this book Darcy learns that her friends and family have not only betrayed her, but also lied to her and kept a very important secret from her. They did this because they thought that was the best way to keep her from being her, but it turned out to only ruin her.

One of the main relationships is between the two girls and the mother. They shared both good and bad times. The father would create problems with his drinking and then the mother had to fix these problems by working two jobs. In the middle of fixing these problems they learned a baby was on the way. Their mom learned she could depend on them for money, help, or just to be there for her. They were there for her when their dad wasn’t. I feel that is what a true family is suppose to do and I respect how the treat each other.

I believe the purpose the author is trying to reveal to us what has happened in the past and to make others understand what Darcy is having to going through. One of the great things about this book is that you can relate to what Darcy went through. It is the problems that have occurred in the book that made it so interesting. These reasons that I have provided prove the point of why the author had this book published.

This book explained what it would to be like in the...

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