The Study That Concerns a Broad Subject of Information Technology

The Study That Concerns a Broad Subject of Information Technology

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Information technology (IT) or Information and communication technology (ICT) is a broad subject concerned with technology and other aspects of managing and processing information, especially in large organization.
In particular, IT deals with the use of electronic computer and computer software to convert, store, protect process, transmit, and retrieve information. For that reason, computer professionals are often called IT specialists, and the division of a company or university that deals with software technology is often called the IT department. Other names for the latter are information services (IS) or management information services (MIS), managed service providers (MSP).
I.T. includes matters concerned with the furtherance of computer science and technology, design, development, installation and implementation of information systems and applications.
Usage of IT can make the organization more flexible. Employees who work away from the office can work and stay in touch with the office using a laptop or handheld computer, mobile phones and email. Employees can also access and update files while on the road. Allowing employees to use technology to work from home can also bring significant benefits. It frees up office space and reduces the organization overheads on premises. And being able to offer more flexible working options can help organizations to attract and retain employees.

History of information technology auditing.
Information Technology Auditing (IT auditing) began as Electronic data process (EDP) Auditing and developed largely as a result of the rise in technology in accounting systems the need for IT control, and the impact of computers on the ability to perform attestation services. The last few years have been an exciting time in the world of IT auditing as a result of the accounting scandals and increased regulation. IT auditing has had a relatively short yet rich history when...

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