The Subway

The Subway

The formal elements that artist take into account when creating a piece of art are line, shape, light, value, color, texture, space, time, and motion.

The painting above is called The Subway by Palmer Hayden. The visual elements shown in this painting are color, texture, and space. Color is shown primarily on the individual’s clothes showing the variety amongst our taste in what we wear daily. Texture is shown in the contrast of the lighter and darker regions on the gentleman’s green jacket giving the viewer the appearance of a soft looking fabric. The way the people are overlapping in the oil painting gives the viewer the perception of space in the piece. The three principles of design shown in the painting are unity, emphasis on variety, and balance. Unity is shown as all of these individuals share the common feature of being on the train and needing to get from one place to another. Emphasis on variety is being displayed by the light and dark hands placed together in the center of the painting. The position of the man in the green jackets leg gives the appearance of balance.

The formal element of color used in this oil painting is not only shown in the clothes, but also in the color of the individuals skin. I think the artist choose to have contrast in the skin colors to draw the viewers attention to the fact that race is no longer an issue when we are riding trains, attaching the viewer emotionally to the painting. Texture is shown throughout the painting on the individuals clothing as there are regions that appear darker than others. This gives the viewer the feel that the painting is a real life scene and as if they are there on the train themselves. A sense of depth is given to the viewer by the overlapping of the people on the train. This portrays some of the people as being farther away than others.

1. I choose this oil painting because I was very captured into this piece by the courageousness of the artist as he portrayed ethnic...

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