The Suffering of Job

The Suffering of Job

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Rel 250-Judeo-Christian Thought

Stephanie Parker

The suffering of Job

Professor Jonathan Sharpe

November 27, 2008

Suffering brings to mind a grime picture of pain and sorrow. We’ve all endured some form of suffering, from a tragic car accident that takes a love one or friend .Too the more common occurrences of terminal illness in a family. These issues of suffering often leave us distraught and confused. Suffering seems to be and unavoidable part of life. I take comfort in knowing the many hard questions regarding suffering can be summed up in scripture.” Man born of women is of a few days full of trouble.” (Job 14:1) The lord’s intention in allowing Job to suffer was to show his sovereignty to mankind. The intent of this paper is to show readers how suffering, produces character that exemplifies the life Christ lived by using Job as a primary example. We must be willing to allow god’s grace and mercy to penetrate the very fiber of our issues. God alone is wise. Also god shows his sovereign control over Satan and Job. By allowing permission for Satan to test job only after god gives the ok. What a mighty god we serve.

Suffering of any kind leaves lasting memories of unpleasant things. Who can forget the tragic account of September 11, 2001? The world stood still in awe as calamity and suffering plagued our nation. Today those families who have been victimized by the heinous crimes of evil are still suffering. Each anniversary year brings more painful memories which will never be forgotten.

Children have been orphaned, due to loss of a parent. Siblings feel betrayed in there loss of a brother or sister. And mothers and fathers feel a host of emotions as well. Most of these family survivors have endured tremendous hardship with long term affects of Post-traumatic stress disorder, all primarily the result of suffering. These long terms of affects of suffering can produce health issues. Many of the surviving...

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