The Tension in the Red Room

The Tension in the Red Room

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How does H.G.Wells create tension in ‘the red room’?

Herbert George Wells was born in Bromley, in Kent, in 1866. He began a career of an author when he was involved in an accident and broke his leg. During his resting period he developed a hobby in reading books, this had inspired and led him to pursue a career in becoming an author. In 1894, H.G.Wells wrote ‘the red room’ during the rein of Queen Victoria, therefore the book was written in Victorian context. The genre of this book is gothic because in the book there are haunted rooms, ghosts, supernatural elements etc. all these elements make the book a lot more interesting to read.
In this essay I will be answering the question ‘How does H.G.Wells create tension in the red room?’ also I will describe the setting, the characters and the use of language.
Writing the book in first person makes the book more appealing because it gives the reader the point of view of the main character. Whilst reading the book you will notice that there are many warnings given out such as ‘this night of all nights’, this keeps the readers interest in the book and makes the reader read on, so they can find out why these warnings have been given out. This also helps to build up the tension.
The narrator feels confident at this point but has his doubts further on in the book. His confidence keeps on fading, the old people are full of doubts and this makes him more determined to prove them wrong.
To prove to the old people that the ghosts don’t exist the narrator dares himself to enter the red room and to prove this point. As he enters the room his fears and imagination takes over. For example the candles are blown out.
The narrator at the beginning of the book appears to be arrogant, however, towards the end of the book the narrator becomes less arrogant as his fears take over. This shows a change in character.
This book takes place in Lorraine castle which is thought to be haunted....

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