The Three Bad Goats

The Three Bad Goats

Yawwwwwwwwwwwn!!! Timmy the young troll said sleepily from his soft, comfy bed in the little house under a bridge that goes over fishy pond. Timmy and his mom lived in the house and had worked hard to build the bridge and grow the delicious lollipop and cookies in the field across the bridge. Just then Timmy’s mom called from downstairs,”Timmy, get dressed and come down here quickly.” “Okay, I’ll be right down” Timmy replied while yawning again. Timmy dressed and went downstairs. He went into the kitchen where his mom was, poured himself and bowl of cereal, and sat down at the table to eat it. As he was eating his mom said, “Timmy, I’m going out today with some friends to an important meeting. You are not to let anyone cross the bridge or eat any of the cookies or lollipops.” “Okay” Timmy replied nervously. As Timmy’s mom left Timmy finished his cereal and went outside to enjoy the fresh air.

At the same time three bad, tricky billy goats named Billy, Bob, and Joe were getting up from bed and getting ready. Billy was a huge goat that was big and mean and bullied smaller people. Bob was a mean enormous sized goat and was only a little smaller than Billy. Bob also loved to harass people that were weaker than him. Joe was a small, strong, fat goat that is only a little smaller than Bob but much fatter and weighed a lot more.

The three goats were brothers. They were going out to cross Timmy’s bridge and going to steal Timmy’s delicious lollipops and chocolaty cookies.

They knew Timmy’s mom wasn’t home and no harm could be done to them. So they changed into light clothes and off they stormed down the down. Their footsteps could be heard from almost a mile away.

Timmy was unaware that they were coming and was still happily enjoying the fresh air, chasing birds and butterflies. When Timmy heard the footsteps he didn’t know what was happening. As the footsteps got closer and louder, he started getting scared that they might be coming for him.


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