The Three Gorges Dam

The Three Gorges Dam

The Three Gorges Dam


· Hydroelectric power is generated and the availability of electricity can help in industrial and economical development. The construction of the dam, new towns and infrastructure are also generating employment. It was decrease China’s overdependence on coal. Thus, the construction of the dam is a viable alternative to China’s need for energy for its economic growth as it is an important supplement of energy for China. E.g. the Three Gorges Dam is expected to generate up to 18000 MV, and will supply electricity to Shanghai, one of the world’s largest city, and Chongqing, an area embarked for economic development.

· Present navigation is hindered by dangerous shoals of sediment and rapids. When the dam is built, two five-stage locks will raise deep-draft ships and a ship lift will service smaller vessels. Thus, the interior of China will be open to economic growth. E.g. This will improve passage and increase shipping volumes between Yichang and the major industrial city of Chongqing.

· The world’s largest dam can be a tourist attraction which can earn more revenue for the country


· Seasonal flooding is a seasonal problem along lower Yangtze, occurring approximately every 5 years and has been occurring for 2000 years since the Han dynasty, causing millions of deaths and also the loss of homes for millions of people. The dam will be able to regulate the flow of water, preventing high and low fluctuations. Floods are prevented and a constant flow of water enables double or even triple cropping. Thus the number of deaths from natural disasters will decrease greatly and the people can break out of their poverty cycles when they have more yield from farming. E.g. The Three Gorges Dam will protect 10 million people from flooding.


· Siltation has both advantages and disadvantages. Silt settling in the reservoir has allowed fish to thrive, but in the long term will need to...

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