The Time Machine - Essay 1

The Time Machine - Essay 1

The Time Machine


The author of this book was Herbert George Wells, also known as HG Wells. The book was

published in 1895. HG Wells was born in 1866 and died in 1946. He was an English author.


The Time Traveler: The main character in the book. He didn’t have a name so in the

book, the name given to him was “The Time Traveler.” The Time Traveler was an inventor

living in London.

Weena: Weena is an Eloi, the human race of the future. It is female, according to The Time

Traveler, and also a harmless creature. The Time Traveler saves her from being washed away by

the flow of the river the Eloi bathe in.


In the beginning, the setting takes place in London, mainly in The Time Traveler’s home. The

year is, according to the book, 1895. But further into the book, the setting changes into the
future, changing the year into 802, 701! The setting evolves into the future world filled with

people called The Eloi, who were about four feet tall and wore nothing but purple robes, belts,

and sandals. The future world looked like paradise, free of traffic noise and no streets crowded

with people. The whole earth was one endless garden, growing fruits and vegetables rose from

the ground and there was plenty of food. No factories or machines were in sight. The world of

the future seemed to be a care-free place.


A group of The Time Traveler’s friends came to his home to listen and discuss The Time

Traveler’s theory about there being a fourth dimension. That fourth dimension was time. The

Time Traveler invented a time machine, a machine that has the ability to go back and forth

through time. He created a miniature version of the time machine and as he explained how the

machine works, he simply pushed the lever and it disappeared. His friends come over again and

find the Time Traveler to be worn out. After the Time Traveler finished his meal,...

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