The time I experienced a failure and overcame it

The time I experienced a failure and overcame it

The time I experienced a failure and overcame it
The time I experienced a failure was when I ran varsity track. Last year was my first year doing track ever. My first day was the hardest day of workout. Because the workout was so hard, every day I would jog when the coaches were working. Not finishing workouts and I would even skip some practices if I didn’t feel like running. In about a week or so we had our first track meet. At the track meet I did not work out before my run. I ended up losing my race terribly because I did not put in the work when I should have. After I lost my race I realized that I need to actually train and condition myself. I made myself go to practice every day and give it my all. This proved to work really well for me because after a week of practice the second track meet came up. This time I warmed up before my race, I did amazing I came in first place. After winning my race I realized that working hard can pay off in the long run. Whether it’s in athletics or in academics.
Chemistry Honors Final Review 2014 NAME__Jahcobi Simon__________________________

In order to receive 10% extra credit on your final exam, ALL questions must be answered in complete sentences and you must show your work on all problems. No Exceptions! DO YOUR OWN WORK!!!

1. Determine the empirical formula of a compound found to contain 52.11% carbon, 13.14% hydrogen, and 34.75% oxygen. 52.11 * 1/12 = 4.34molC 13.14 * 1/1 = 13.14molH 34.75 * 1/16 = 2.17molO ratio of atoms 2molC: 6molH: 1molO

2. State the law of conservation of mass in terms of products and reactants.
The Law of Conservation of Mass states that matter can be changed from one form into another, mixtures can be separated or made, and pure substances can be decomposed, but the total amount of mass remains constant.

3. What must you adjust in order to balance an equation? What can’t you adjust?
Apply the Law of Conservation of...

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