The Topic of the Us on Death Penalty

The Topic of the Us on Death Penalty

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There are many issues that are raised by the topic of the U.S. continuing to use the death penalty as punishment for murderers. The issues that I will discuss will be the ones risen by the NPR podcast. The issues in this topic mainly dealt with whether or not it is humane to continue to use lethal injection as a way of capital punishment in the United States.

In recent years the method of lethal injection has been questioned whether or not it is humane. This is mainly due to botched procedures when administering this punishment. Many issues have been a question associated with this like, racism, inexperienced physicians, and so on. These are all serious issues that have not truly been investigated until now.

Personally, I believe that Capital punishment is still a good method of deterrent of murders in the United States. Even though most murderers are crazy anyway, many murders are stopped by the fact that if they get caught they could face death. If one murders another human in cold blood, I think that based on the circumstances, the fact that death could be a consequence is a good punishment, and deterrent. Although, I do consider the electric chair an inhumane way of administering it. Being electrocuted to death is a brutal way to die. Lethal Injection could be the best way to do it but I think that it needs to be executed by top grade, quality physicians that specialize in this area.

The states have plenty of money to pay for the research, and the doctors that it would take to find a humane mixture that would kill someone, with as little pain as possible. If the states have to, they should at least put the prisoner to sleep before administering the death. So, even though I do agree with capital punishment, I think that it should be reconstructed. In the podcast about using capital punishment, the woman said that in Florida an execution by lethal injection went 20 minutes to long because the needles were not correctly placed and, that...

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