The Toyota Prius vs. the Honda Insight

The Toyota Prius vs. the Honda Insight

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The Toyota Prius Versus the Honda Insight
Christina Martinez
University of Phoenix

The Toyota Prius Versus the Honda Insight

Through research, psychologists have determined that fuel consumers have a three week memory of fuel prices. If the fuel prices remain consistent for more than three weeks, the consumer’s decision making becomes myopic, as if prices have never fluctuated. Although fuel prices have been considerably low for a substantial amount of time, the prices will most likely increase again in the future. Due to the falling economy and the rise of fuel prices in 2007 and 2008, car manufacturers have attempted to offer the most fuel and eco efficient cars to the public. The manufacturer’s goals are to have the lowest price tag possible along with the best fuel economy rating while staying on top of the competition. These eco friendly cars are well known as hybrid vehicles.
This article will discuss the comparisons and differences in features between the two most competitive hybrid brands, the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius. Other topics that will be discussed are horsepower, fuel economy, transmissions, motors, warranty information, price difference, features, and exact specifications. Owner’s comments and opinions will also be included.
The first hybrid to be sold in the United States was the 1999 version of the Honda Insight which only had two seats and was not properly sized for a family. Toyota then introduced the Prius which had a rear seat, four doors and was the perfect hybrid car for families. According to, (2009):

In 2007 Toyota sold 181,221 examples of the Prius. In response to the success of the Prius, Honda has enhanced the image of the Insight. The new 2010 Honda Insight was released on Earth day, April 29th of 2009 and went on sale March 24th of 2009. (p.1)
The 2010 Honda Insight appears to be following in the 2009 Prius’ footsteps. The 2010...

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