“the Trail Where They Cried”

“the Trail Where They Cried”

Nunna daul Isunyi—“The Trail Where They Cried”

In the 1830’s, Andrew Jackson forced the Cherokee nation to give up their native land and resettle to what is now know as Oklahoma. Andrew Jackson was the first president to implement the removal act of the Native Americans, Knows as the Indian Removal act of 1830. The Cherokee nation was not the only tribe who suffered because of the removal act. Many other tribes such as the Choctaw, Seminole, Creek, and the Chickasaw also suffered. These five nations are known as the Five Civilized Tribes.

Andrew Jackson was the first president who implemented the Indian Removal Act in the U.S. The Indian Removal Act was signed into law by Andrew Jackson on May 26,1830. The Indian removal act was mainly supported by the south. Many of these southern states wanted the lands that the Five Civilized Tribes lived on. In 1838 federal troops escorted about 15,000 Cherokee people to Indian Territory. This great march that extended for miles is known as the Trail of Tears.

The trail of tears took place in 1838 when the Cherokee people were removed from their native lands by force. In the brutal winter of 1838 the Cherokee began their long march to Indian Territory with only a few clothes on and what they could carry on their backs. Many Cherokee suffered from exposure to diseases that they weren’t immune to causing many deaths. They also suffered from starvation and the harsh winter weather.
About 4,000 of the 15,000 relocated Cherokee died.

Over all the Indian removal act was unfair, cruel and especially inhumane to the all of those Natives who were removed from their native lands. No one should ever havethe right to take away something from someone no matter what the circumstances are, especially if the land belonged to them. I believe that these five nations should be rewarded for their bravery and for all that they have suffered. In the end Andrew Jackson shouldn’t have made these people suffer for...

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