The training technology of concrete pumps

The training technology of concrete pumps

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The operation of a trailer concrete pump is a physically demanding planetary concrete mixer, and mental work. At the same time construction an important role on the construction site. During the free on-site technical guidance, help the construction units to choose and cultivate a trailer concrete pump outstanding send workers is also an important task.

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A trailer concrete pump technology requires a very special talent. Field guide technical engineers to help customers choose pump working hours should be noted, in engineering pump must assume their responsibilities, such as: 1, security officer 2, electrical 3, concrete expert know what concrete mixing material and energy for pumping 4, site decision makers 5, professional cleaning technician A good concrete pumping technology should also be a site foreman. As the core personnel occupation a site MP1000 Planetary Concrete Mixer equipment, he must have accumulated rich construction knowledge, know how to pump car in the construction reasonable position, but also to eliminate equipment failure. If the pump leakage found, he should also be a qualified mechanic. Also need to be familiar with mechanical equipment, including mechanical system Planetary concrete mixer, electrical system, hydraulic system and various other techniques. Training for any one successful pumping work is essential. The company during the on-site technical guidance services and training, to work on the new pumping pumping operation knowledge, and help him, one or more than one month of the pumping operation. Culture of mature knowledge of concrete expert pumping what concrete mixing, as well...

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