The Treament for Schizophrenia

The Treament for Schizophrenia

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Questions about the eyes
1. Where is the eye located?
The eye located on the Orbit and it protected by a cushion of fat and bony orbit. the posterior not seen.

2. Name the five structures of the eye?
The structures are the Eyebrows, Eyelids, Conjuncativa, lacrimal apparatus, and the Extrinsic eye muscles.

3. What is the Eyebrows and it functions?
The Eyebrows has a coarse hair that proctect the eye. The fuctions are shadingthe eye, Preventing perspirations from reaching the eye.

4. Name the 2types of Musces of the eyebrows ?
They are 1. orbicularis muscles ----- Depress the eyebrows
2. currugator muscles------- Moves the eyebrows superior and Medially.

5.What is the eyelids and it Functions?
The eyelids anteriorly protectedt by the mobile eyelids. it goes upper&lower.

What are structures of the Eyelids?
-Palpebra Fissure------ It separated the eye by medial and lateral angle of the canthi.
-Lacrimal Caruncle---contain a sweat glands and produce whitish, oily secretions called the (sandsman’s eye sand) it collected at the medial commissure during sleep
-Tarsal Plates -- thin, skin-covered supported the eyelids internally by connective tissue. itanchor the orbcularis oculi.
-Levator palpebrea superioris----the muscles that runswithin the eyelid. it encircle the eye, when the eye closes it contracts. it gives the upper eyelid mobility.
-Eyelashes--Project from the margin of each eyelid that initiate reflex blinking.
-Lubricating Glands-----associated with the eyelids and several types of glands . They are ---Meilbomian glands, sebacoeous glands produce a oily seceretion that Lubricates the eyelid and the eye from sticking together.
- the cillary glands lie between the hair follicles.

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