The Two Powerful Positions: Management and Leadership

The Two Powerful Positions: Management and Leadership

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Management and Leadership Paper

November 16, 2008

Management and Leadership are two powerful positions. Although they are associated with one another, usually leadership is perceived with a personality and vision which differs from mere management since management rather simply make use of organizational skills that are set. In this paper I will differentiate between leadership and management and how the roles plays in creating and maintaining a healthy organization professionally and personality.
In all organization both management and leadership are required. They are essential in their own ways. Management is not leadership; in fact management’s main focus is to conduct affairs that pertains to the company such as, short or long range of meetings relating to the finance and ongoing profit the business is achieving. Managers are told to be global and local, collaborate and compete, change perpetually but maintain order, make the numbers and nurture people. Managers have to work in this world of contradictions (Kibort, M. Phillip). In order to conduct these meetings management have employee’s who possesses authority; such as, supervisors, delegate task to each immediate staff for future reports on how the staff performs and benefits the company. According to the current wisdom, managers are principally administrators—they write business plans, set budgets and monitor progress (Maccoby, Michael). Based on how well the company is doing promotions is given. Promotions can be given in two different ways. An employee can receive a salary increase along with a higher position, for example; if an employee is currently a supervisor he or she can be promoted as a manager, or a manager can be promoted to a director. On the other hand, an employee might just simply receive an increase in their salary. Management can be complicated because it does demand one to carry out a strong personality in order to get the work done. Managers do not always hold...

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