The Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like if Jesus came back today? Even though there were diverse differences, Joshua parallels the life of Jesus in many similar ways.

First of all, many events in Joshua's life are similar to the events in Jesus’ life. He healed the blind woman, like Jesus healed other sicknesses. Joshua raised Theo from the dead, as Jesus raised Nazareth. When Joshua was leaving, there was a celebration, like they did at the Last Supper, with the twelve apostles. Also, Joshua walked on water, similar to what Jesus did when he walked on water to calm the storm.

In addition, there are several characters in Joshua who reminded me of the characters in the life of Jesus. Maggie represented Mary Magdalene because Joshua helped her when she was feeling empty. There was a group of people that helped Joshua represent the 12 Apostles. They were always there to follow him. Father Pat represented St. Peter because Jesus was very close to St. Peter when Joshua was close to Father Pat.

Finally, there were several differences between Joshua’s story and the life of Jesus. Joshua carried a log from the tree to make the statue. It reminded me of Jesus when he carried the cross for our sins. Joshua healed the blind woman just like when Jesus healed Bartimeaus. When Joshua raised Theo from the dead, it made me think of Jesus' raising of up Lazarus. The story took place in a hometown in America. Joshua did many things that we don't really see in the life of Jesus, like when he played the guitar, gave cooking lessons and played pool.

In conclusion, it would be interesting to know what Jesus would do if he was in Toledo today.

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