The Veldt

The Veldt

´╗┐Titel: The Veldt

The veldt is a short story. The genre is of course science fiction. The novel is wrote by Ray Bradbury in 1950. Ray Bradbury was born in USA in 1920, and he is a famous science fictions author. The story takes place in a house called happy-life home. It is science fiction so it can take place anywhere. We hear about four characters living in the happy-life home, which is a fully mechanical house, and everything is ready for the family. The parents have spent thirty thousand dollars on the house.
Character Characteristic

The father drinks and smokes too much; he is busy at his study room. He is bored, no close contact with his children. He has been nervous for a while and takes a bit more sedative every night. The mother is sad and nervous she has nothing to do. Does not work because the house does moms work and duties. She feels superfluous. (The parents are spoiled too).
The kids are spoiled, they are 10 years old Wendy is the girl. Peter is the son. Peter does not obey his father. Wants him dead for turning off the nursery and hates him. The kids are mean they does not listen to their parents, they live their own life.

The Tone is humoristic, ironic, serious, and threatened.
Themes: brave new world is not so brave after all. Friends/children, a relationship with hate, future life, a lack of love between the parents and children.
Message: keep on being human, parents should try to be close to their children, do not let TV or computers take over as babysitters. Mind over matter, there should be a balance in everyday life.
The ending-the parents are destroyed. The children will not accept the father's decision. They want to keep their machines. The children live their world of fiction. The children are not human in the end their parents are to blame. Compared to reality tv, generation gab Compassion Circuit.
Happy-life home is the name of the house. The house is described as a fully mechanical house. The...

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