The Verification Principle is something that cannot be verified

The Verification Principle is something that cannot be verified

'The verification principle cannot be verified.' Discuss.

The verification principle in itself employs the idea of how only things that can be proved are worth talking about. However, how can we prove that the verification principle (VP) itself can be proved?
The VP is something in which is a thought and an idea. Therefore, we know that there is no real form of this that can be proved by the seeing eye, or science. It is simply just a made up rule that the Vienna Circle believe we should follow throughout Philosophy to reduce conflict.
But how do we know that this is the correct way to discuss things? There is no way to evaluate the VP physically or metaphysically. Meaning that those who believe in it may follow it if they believe it is the right thing, though it is not a definite rule of it being correct.

However, one could argue that because the VP was thought upon and has become an idea, it is proved instantly. Because the VP was created, some may say that just the idea of it means that it exists. Maybe it was planted into our minds for a reason.
By having the VP being used in real life situations, does this not mean that it is verified? Just because it is not in a physical or testable form, does not mean that we can eradicate any possibility of it being verifiable.

Another perspective that one could think about is the fact that the thought of it means that it is there for a reason. Perhaps, the purpose of it being to only discuss things meaningful is something that just exists. Many could argue that 'everything happens for a reason' meaning that whether it is good or bad, it is there to guide people.
Some may go as far to say that it is a projection from Plato's 'Realm of Forms'. This suggests that in the ideal form of the earth, there is a perfect form for everything such as good, bad, evil etc. The VP may exist within this realm.

Though, some may agree with the earlier points in that if it cannot be proved scientifically,...

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