The Very Expressive and Accurate Description of Russia

The Very Expressive and Accurate Description of Russia

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Animal Farm Essay

George Orwell gives a very expressive and accurate description of what happened in Russia in his book Animal Farm. As an allegory story, Orwell uses animals to represent people and events that happened in Russia from 1917 - 1939. Mr. Jones represents Czar Nicholas II. Czar and Mr. Jones both lost control over what they administered – Czar controlled and lost Russia, and Mr. Jones controlled and lost the Manor Farm. In Animal Farm, the three pigs stood up against the other animals to become the new leaders that the Animal Farm needed. In Russia, Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky stood up against all else to become the leaders that Russia needed. Orwell chose to represent the three famous Russian leaders with the three pigs – Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer – in order to show that, yes, power can corrupt us. The pigs were deemed as the smartest of all the animals in the farm.

After the Old Major died and Mr. Jones was gone, the animals needed a leader to be in charge of their new Animal Farm – a farm where they were all equal and free.

Among the most intelligent pigs, Snowball and Napoleon were the most distinguished. Napoleon wanted the farm to be governed by pigs and create it so that only pigs were the only animals to have a say. Snowball, on the other hand, thought that everyone should have an opinion. He proposed that all the animals should have weekly Sunday meetings to discuss new plans. Napoleon was easily lured into the thoughts of the power he could have and was also easily corrupt. Snowball and Napoleon constantly argued; Napoleon was hungry for power, and soon after the Rebellion, had plans of getting rid of Snowball.
Trotsky and Stalin fought for power, but Stalin eventually eliminated Trotsky. Stalin had him expelled from Russia in the same manner that Napoleon directed the dogs he had raised to attack Snowball to help eliminate his rival. Both Trotsky and Napoleon were free to control their country, or farm. Upon the...

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