The Vital Contemporary Issues

The Vital Contemporary Issues

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Focuses on vital contemporary issues
Women in the work force today are still subjected to the "glass ceiling," sexual discrimination, income inequality, stereotyping, and other obstacles to equal employment and professional advancement. Now a collection of 150 original articles written for this handbook explores the challenges and career blocks that today's women face in the workplace, discuss important contemporary issues, and offers a wide range of facts and data on women's employment.

Offers insights and information
The Handbook answer hundreds of questions as it illuminates current achievements and obstacles to success for women in the marketplace. Drawing upon a growing body of research in the social and behavioral sciences, the articles provide insights into such issues as the sex segregation of occupations, comparable worth, women in traditionally male occupations, career plans of college women, gende4r bias in job evaluations and personnel decisions, sexual harassment, the gendered culture of organizations, the effects of maternal employment on children and child care, and more. The articles draw on extensive research and studies on women in the workplace across the U.S. and around the world. A valuable research aid
This handbook presents the reader with a broadly-based understanding of women's work experiences and provides a useful set of sources for in depth research. It is a valuable reference for professors, librarians, researchers, guidance counselors, and students who need reliable, up-to-date information. The handbook includes a subject and name index.

Contains 150 original articles drawing on research in the social and behavioral sciences, in eight sections on women in the labor force in the US; approaches to analyzing women and work; women in diverse occupations; factors influencing occupational choice; legal factors; work experiences; the intersection of work and family; and cross- cultural issues and...

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