The Walker's Life Before the Accidient

The Walker's Life Before the Accidient

1. This helps you understand what Walker’s life was like before she had the “accident” dealing with her eye. It shows through the course of life how much this affects her and how much the thought of being portrayed as beautiful meant to her.

2. By her repeatedly saying “You did not change” it is putting emphasis in the fact that she really thinks that she has changed a lot. Especially by giving examples of her different behavior before saying this.

3. She is developing her definition of beauty by what other’s thought of her eye and not by how she thought of it herself. Therefore, because many people felt that it didn’t look right she perceived it as ugly.

4. Many people have different opinions about the image of “true beauty”. The person that has the same in the matter though at the time is the person that is making the judgment.

5. I remember when I had lost a fight with another boy in Camden, New Jersey. He beat me pretty badly and left me with multiple bruises on my face. For many weeks, I was embarrassed to show my face. I walked around with a hoody over my head at all times and I did whatever I could to cover my face. I thought of myself, before the incident, as a strong confident man, but afterwards not so much. I felt like before I could take on the world and now I felt weaker than ever.

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