The Walt Disney

The Walt Disney

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Disney’s Influences

Walt Disney started out with practically nothing, then ending up with the world at its feet. He was faced with overwhelming challenges in life that would seem insurmountable. Walt Disney entitled many names; he was an animator, director, screenwriter, American film producer, and a philanthropist. But aside to his job titles, he was known for being a successful storyteller, a popular showman, a hands-on film producer, and most of all, an innovator in animation and theme park design. But how have Disney movies and theme parks conquered the world? May it be because of the sheer size of Disneyland, or is it the mass production of cartoons created by animators. It is a success because of the combination and the variety. Disney offers an array of entertainment. Walt managed to tie in his animations and his theme park, which have become the perfect formula to conquering the world.
Disney movies and theme parks have influenced American culture for decades. The movies and the theme parks form a deadly combination for success. The way it works is that a Disney movie establishes characters, plot, and environment, if it is a success, then they convert the film into a theme park attraction. This one-two combination is the main ingredient in Disney’s influence in American culture and all over the world.
The Disney Empire has proven to be the most powerful in the world (in terms of media and entertainment) because of its sheer size in numbers, and ownership of other companies. According to Hoover’s Inc., The Walt Disney Company is the #2 media conglomerate in the world, behind Time Warner. The Disney Empire owns the ABC television network, 10 broadcast TV stations, and 70 radio stations. Its Walt Disney Studios produces films through imprints Walt Disney...

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