The Want for Freedom

The Want for Freedom

The want for freedom in human beings is never ending. They do not want to be under anyone’s control but along with the freedom comes responsibility
Thus I believe that obeying a law is obligatory for everyone but there are some cases when breaking a law could be justified.

If laws were not obeyed, a society can not function and there would hardly be any development. The purpose of a society is to bring several individuals together so that they can cooperate with each other for a cause greater than individual benefit. If everyone person started doing whatever he feels like, there would a total anarchy. There would be no cooperation among the people and this would lead to a deterioration in the human society if not stagnate development.

Every country or state may have its own laws that help to protect its sovereignty and belief or to foster development. For example, the women in Afghanistan are not allowed to expose their faces. This may appear to be quite odd for the Western countries but still they must respect this custom because they believe that this will help protect women from the lustful eyes of outsiders. Foreigners must understand this and thus not interfere in such cases because it is a matter of their religion. In Canada, the government formulated a policy that each person who migrated and settled in the northern areas of the country would be rewarded with 100 acres of land. This was primarily because the Canadian government wanted to utilize the resources available in all parts of the country. Since the population was mainly concentrated in the central and southern areas, this step was taken so that there would be an even distribution of population.

The laws limit the freedom of the people but they also protect their rights. Every person has his rights. If the laws protecting them are not obeyed, and people do not respect the rights of others, there would not be justice in the society. If anyone violates the human rights, he must...

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