The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds

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1 .- How does the novel emphasize the aliens´ alienness?

Martians don´t share any biological characteristic with human beings. They don´t need resting, they lack of digestive system ande ven they don´t talk among them ( It´s supposed that they use telepathy as a way of comunícate ).

These features reinforce aliens´alienness.

2 . - Who are the principal (human) antagonists of the caracter narrador?

The way in which our unknown narrador talks throughout the whole novel is resolutive. He always, by his own or by instinct , manages to survive. This kind of personality is also proven through the lack of it in his cousin. He describes him as brave but uncapable to take decisions rapidly and to act consequently.( Book two, chapter one )Due to this he positions far form the the curate, his antagonist.

3. – How do the following terms/ideas relate to the novel? Entropy.

I see entropy in the fact that planet Mars loses its capacity of maintain life due to a progressive cooling down that affects the whole planet. ( Book one , chapter one )

In a figurative way, I see entropy in the quick collapse that society suffers during the invasion. [ By ten o'clock the police organization,…. in that swift liquefaction of the social body.] ( Book one , chapter sixteen )

Also Martians, on Earth, are affected by this entropy due to those bacterias that take them to death inexorably.

4. – Inverted invasion

In a general sense, we can trace a parallelism between the effects of a devastating invasion that Britain faces from invasors of outter space and what represents the power exerted by british empire troughout their colonies all around the world.

However, both invasions seems rather differrent in its base, focused on its “natural” or “unnatural” purpose. Martians came to earth in an aim of survival. It´s the necessity of finding a planet that could support life the main reason to do it so; in contrast to human greed that...

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