The Watch Concept

The Watch Concept

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The box is not just a display for the Watch but it is also a charging dock.
(“Concept: Apple's WATCH Packaging gets Super Charged,” 2014)

The packaging you will use for your product or service and how it will add value.
Packaging products and services are seen as investments, rather than an added cost. Consumers judge the product based on it’s packaging, which can create a point of difference. The “package offer (bundle offer)” generates an image of the brand that when seen on a shelf, consumers are more prone to purchase when placed with an array of products.
Apple’s marketing mix is known for its simplicity and minimalist appearance. With the increasing amount of mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and now the Watch the marketing team needs to create a package offer. An ultimate design and experience for the consumers would be a concept that would hold all devices with minimal clutter. Apple’s package offer would include a charging dock with a power adapter and 2 USB’s inserts (“Concept: Apple's WATCH Packaging gets Super Charged,” 2014). The charging dock would be a circular stand that would allow the Watch to wrap around at the bottom. The dock itself will have a magnetic strip that revolves around the dock allowing for the band to connect. The stand would have a center slit in order to stand and charge the iPhone. Supplementing the charging dock the USB will give the consumer the opportunity to charge their iPad (“Concept: Apple's WATCH Packaging gets Super Charged,” 2014). The charging dock will give the Watch and iPhone together can be displayed and give it the opportunity to be the center of attention. The packaging will be as luxurious and seamless from unboxing to utilization (“Concept: Apple's WATCH Packaging gets Super Charged,” 2014). The packaging will come in two different colors; white and black. The Watch’s product packaging service shows how Apple has listened and adapted to needs of the their consumers.


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