The Way We Were

The Way We Were


a uniform position title and pay scale 41
checking and scheduling the plans 10
counseling with employees 54
criteria for position classification 40
employee management cooperation 58
employee recognition awards 66
evaluating the training 75
guides for organizing 13
guides for supervisors on employee welfare responsibilities 73
guides for supervisors on management responsibilities 6
help employees grow 68
how to conduct appraisal discussions 62
improving the work of the employee 30
opportunities for self improvement 69
performance standards 59
portraying the organization 15
principles of human behavior 48
principles 27
promote employee ideas 65
recognition of employee organizations 56
responsibility of the supervisor for organizing 16
role of employees 45
role of the supervisor 44
securing approval of plans 11
sources of control data 26
the basic drives 49
the framework for position classification 41
the goal improved operations 64
the goal of the program 45
the nature of the organization 12
the performance review 61
the principles of supervision 4
the purpose of training 70
the purposes of control 25
the representation unit – use of government time and facilities 57
the responsibility of the supervisor 36
the social processes 51
the supervisor and coordination 23
the supervisor must provide leadership 53
the supervisor must understand himself 52
the techniques of supervision 6
type of plans 8
types of directing 18



Good Supervisors are made not born. There is, however, no formulator making a good Supervisor. Nor is there a standard set of principles and techniques which the Supervisor must master to guarantee his success.

Supervision is a craft ‑ the kind of work in which skills are highly personalized, each bearing the stamp of individuality and uniqueness of the craftsman. As with skills of other crafts, the skills of supervision fall...

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