The Weather Is The Most Important Factor for Food

The Weather Is The Most Important Factor for Food

Recently suffered heavy rains along the Huai River areas face, affected, Anhui, Henan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei and other places have different degrees of waterlogging, local agriculture and economy are causing serious damage.

Soybean-hit areas, poor quality of the new bean

Precocious beans main producing areas, the disaster is more serious, due to the impact of heavy rain disaster, cold oligonucleotide according to the local areas, the air is humid phenomenon highlights. Soy protein content and exposure time are closely related, such as the lack of light, then, low protein, moisture large insect population that much, but will seriously affect the quality and price of beans early.

Soybean producing areas along the Huai River disaster lighter, Chen beans difficult to take the goods

The floods are mainly concentrated in the southern area of ​​Anhui, Jiangsu, Henan, along the Huaihe River are the main soybean producing areas in the northern region, although the areas less affected by the floods, but the rains in recent days has become a "business as usual", leading soybean producing areas buying and selling progress slowed, sales decline in the enthusiasm of farmers, some traders delisting wait and see.

"The success because of the weather, failure is due to the weather." In the short term, a direct blow to the heavy rain early bean-producing areas, will make the new bean quality decline in the short term along Huai River producing soybean prices will remain stable.

In summary, the weather is the most important factor for food. The weather for agriculture impact will be enormous. The impact by the floods along the Huai River after the soybean market will trend shows two new beans due to the significant decline in the quality, the price will be difficult to rise.

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