The Weather vs Scrooges Personality

The Weather vs Scrooges Personality

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How the weather reflects scrooges personality.

Scrooge’s personality and lifestyle come through a lot on pages 6-7 of the novel ‘A Christmas Carol’. With many references to the weather we can immediately see that as the weather is an unpredictable thing, Scrooge is also. “It was cold, bleak, biting weather..” could refer to Ebenezer Scrooge as it seems to be very similar to the way he is coming across in the first few pages. He has a very cold way about him, the way he treats others and it creates imagery in the readers mind of Scrooge ‘biting’, when somebody asks him for something, has a convosation or just gets in his way, he ‘bites’ back. “He could hear people… stamping their feet upon the pavement stones to warm them”, immediately shows the reader just how selfish the character of Scrooge is. Its Christmas time, a time for joy and happiness and all he can do is sit in his toasty warm home listening to others stamping their feet to warm them. This could convey how much of a selfish character he is and the lengths he would go to, to make sure that he is as he is, and nobody is happy.

“it was quite dark already”, was just how Scrooge liked it, less of a danger of bumping into anyone or having a convosation with somebody of which he would prefer not to have. It could also be another form of Scrooges lifestyle, Dark and dingy. Quite confusing and unwanted as darkness usually is. When you hear Dark, danger immediately pops into your head. You shouldn’t walk around in the dark, go near something dark so this sort of re-enacts why nobody really goes to talk to Scrooge, children are scared and stay away from him like many are afraid of the Darkness. Then again “it had not been light all day”, could be as Scrooge had not been nice all day. He was a very unhappy person and therefore this was being shown through the darkness throughout the day.

Through pages 6-7 there is noticeably no positive references made to describe the weather and ultimately none made to...

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