The Weekend Yard Sale

The Weekend Yard Sale

The weekend yard sale, It just might be a win-win for everyone.

On any given weekend one just has to open the classified section of the local newspaper to find and extensive list of yard sales in the area. No paper, no problem. Just jump in the car and roll. It won’t be long before you come across your first of many big bright signs. They’re staked in the ground, taped to trees, and stapled to light poles. “YARD SALE 555 ANY STREET. 9:00am-2:30pm. TODAY” These signs of varying shapes, sizes and colors have been dotting the American landscape for many years. Calling all comers to come see what I got.
Typically the goods sold are unwanted items from around the house that the owner just doesn’t feel the need for any longer. The old adage “One mans trash is another mans treasure” comes to mind. Not to suggest that only trash is found at yard sales. There have been many stories told about items purchased at yard sales.

Advertising is a key step to a successful yard sale. You may consider running an ad in your local paper noting the date, time and address of the yard sale. Most papers today provide discounts for such advertising. Yard sales have even evolved to the point they can today be found through the use of the internet. The second part of the advertising is those signs. People need that help to find you. Again, point direction, give the times and show the address. Some have taken the art of yard sale sign creation to new heights with a little paint or creative markers.

Forget either of the two steps above and you could be in for a very long and lonely day, being visited by only those that stumble across your yard sale. (Latent dysfunction)

The next item to consider is pricing your goods. When pricing your items be reasonable. Price to high and you’ll get a lot of lookers and no buyers and you may end up hauling all of those items back in the house. A properly priced item may leave a little room for price haggling. This is the...

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