The Whiskey Rebellion

The Whiskey Rebellion

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Nate Reddi

As we know the whiskey rebellion is the first major attack and resistance on our new and stronger national government. It tested the will of our new government and in my eyes we are a lot more prepared to act firmly in times of crisis such as this one. That is why I’m asking you to send troops in right away to crush this rebellion, so we don’t have to spend future money on a war that is meaningless. We’ve encountered a dilemma similar to this before, Shay’s rebellion. We know the outcome of that battle, and can use that situation to our advantage, so we won’t make the same wrong decisions twice. If we win this rebellion it shows that our government is very strong, and has more control and order to end a threat like this. Previously the articles of confederation didn’t have this power, but since we do now we can use it to our advantage and secure an easy victory against the rebels. If you accept my request to send 13,000 troops to end threat from the rebels, we know right away that our troops are far more experienced and organized compared to incompetent farmers who don’t know as many fighting techniques. So, sending a plethora of troops all at one time will ensure a victory with fewer casualties and in less time. This fight in many cases is also very unconstitutional.

Instead of showing your anger through violent protests, which is considered unconstitutional, the farmers should have shown their emotions and feelings by talking to the government through their representative. Your representative would then spread his/her idea to the rest of congress and they can take your ideas from there. Since these farmers decided to take action through an aggressive angle, they shouldn’t be severely punished, because need a warning, and our nation is not one that gives death penalties for trivial acts or something that a group of people did trying to protect their rights. What we have to explain to them is that their rights are protected in the...

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